Meditation & Relaxation CD

I have recorded a mindfulness meditation and relaxation CD. The CD has mindfulness practices for people new to meditation and the deep relaxation practice known as Yoga Nidra. On the CD is:

  • A short introduction 
  • Breathing Space ~ a two minute meditation 
  • Body Scan ~ short meditation moving the awareness through the body
  • Mindfulness of Body, Sounds and Thoughts
  • Short Yoga Nidra relaxation - 15 minutes
  • Long Yoga Nidra relaxation - 30 minutes

The CD is $25 and can be sent to you if you are in Australia. The CD can be purchased as mp3 files for $15. You can also purchase individual tracks.

To purchase my CD as mp3 files, please go to: 


“Lisa's meditation & yoga nidra CD is definitely one to put on your audio shelf & in your audio player. A wonderful 6 track it includes 3 mindful meditation practices ranging from a 2 min breath awareness (great for those most time-challenged) through to the delightful longer yoga nidra. Beautifully packaged & produced I can definitely recommend this CD to students, clients, friends & family.
DV, yoga & meditation teacher, shiatsu therapist, Melbourne