Meditation & Relaxation CD

Mindfulness practices for people new to meditation and deep relaxation Yoga Nidra.

Included on the CD is:

  • A short introduction 
  • Breathing Space ~ a two minute meditation 
  • Body Scan ~ short meditation moving the awareness through the body
  • Mindfulness of Body, Sounds and Thoughts
  • Short Yoga Nidra relaxation
  • Long Yoga Nidra relaxation

Click here to listen the Breathing Space two minute meditation.

The cost of the 6 mp3 audio files is $15 or $25 for a CD (posted within Australia). Please complete the fields below for secure paypal transaction. 



“Lisa's meditation & yoga nidra CD is definitely one to put on your audio shelf & in your audio player. A wonderful 6 track it includes 3 mindful meditation practices ranging from a 2 min breath awareness (great for those most time-challenged) through to the delightful longer yoga nidra. Beautifully packaged & produced I can definitely recommend this CD to students, clients, friends & family. DV, yoga & meditation teacher, shiatsu therapist, Melbourne

“Lisa’s decision to combine mindfulness meditation and yoga nidra relaxation on her CD is a boon to us all!  Her guidance and directions are full of clarity and her voice is clear, comforting and reassuring. Meditation and relaxation are vitally important in one’s life and Lisa is greatly helping us to have easy access to these practices in our own home. Do yourself a favour and purchase this CD!” Debrah Lewis, yoga teacher & SoulCollage facilitator, Victoria

About the CD

The meditation tracks on this CD are short practices and are ideal for people who are new to meditation. The two minute breathing space might be practised when you’re having a particularly busy day, and need to pause and reconnect with the breath and the present moment, before continuing on with your day.

In Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation, we make a sankalpa. Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word meaning resolve or resolution. The sankalpa is a positive statement about a goal that is very important to you. It may be related to something you would like to achieve or your health.

Take time to decide your sankalpa, and state it in positive terms: ‘I am……’ or ‘I will…..’  You may find your sankalpa arises spontaneously in Yoga Nidra. The sankalpa can help increase our willpower, move us through challenging times and lead to clarity and direction.